Participating in GBIF

Map of GBIF Participants as of 12 July 2017

GBIF is an intergovernmental initiative, and its members (usually referred to as Participants) are countries, economies and international organizations collaborating to advance free and open access to biodiversity data. This map shows the countries currently participating in GBIF, and you can find a full list of Participants here.

Forms of participation

With the signature of GBIF's Memorandum of Understanding, the new Participant commits to make all the necessary arrangements to organize the publishing and use of biodiversity information within its geographical/thematic scope, according to GBIF standards. That includes the organization of its own biodiversity information facility (BIF) including a coordinating node. Other tabs in this section provide more information about membership of GBIF, and how to join as a Participant.

Beyond the formal membership, participation in GBIF involves a much wider community, including anyone interested in sharing, using or exploring biodiversity data and information, and all have opportunities to get directly involved. For further information and guidance:

  • Holders of biodiversity data, whether individual researchers, collection managers or citizen science networks, should consult our Publishing data section to learn the benefits of joining the community of GBIF data publishers, and how to go about it;
  • Users of biodiversity data, for research, policy or just general interest can access all the data published through the GBIF network from this portal, searching by occurrencesdatasetsspecies or countries. Our Using data section gives guidance on some of the methods for using data and examples of its use for different areas of science and policy;
  • Educators, journalists and the general public can visit our Newsroom to see real stories about how citizens are getting involved in the collection and sharing of data, and how timely access to biodiversity data is helping to design better policies to conserve the diversity of life on Earth and the benefits we get from it.

If you want to participate actively in one of the many initiatives thriving within GBIF's collaboration network, why not join our Community Site? There you can interact with many others sharing your interests, through one of the thematic groups, and you can contribute your own experience.