Using data through GBIF

GBIF has established itself as an essential infrastructure underpinning science and policy related to biodiversity. This is demonstrated by the growing volume of peer-reviewed research using data discovered and accessed through GBIF.

Since 2008, more than 2,000 peer-reviewed research papers have cited substantive uses of GBIF-mediated data, and the number has been rising each year. This is the strongest possible demonstration of the return on investment that GBIF Participant countries and organizations have made since 2001, building the GBIF informatics infrastructure and mobilizing data accumulated over 300 years of biological exploration of the planet.

The Secretariat maintains an active and ongoing programme to identify and tag GBIF-relevant research in the scientific literature, and a complete searchable archive of all citations is freely available through the Mendeley GBIF Public Library. You can find publications authored from your own country by clicking on the Publications tab of the relevant country page, accessible from here.

For examples of some interesting uses of GBIF-mediated data, visit our featured data use section where the research is simply described, and you can find links to relevant biodiversity data served through this portal. You can also consult our annual GBIF Science Review and bimonthly GBits newsletter

We are aware that many relevant uses of GBIF may be missed in our literature searches, so please get in touch if you know of an interesting example.


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